Female Bonds in Bollywood



This study examines multiple instances of female Bond figures in contemporary Bollywood films. In the process, this study examines the evolution of Bollywood in the 21st century and the subsequent broadening of the concept of the film actor to incorporate dancing skills. Such an expansion of the concept of performance serves as the basis for a subsequent comparison of female representations in the opening titles sequences of Bond films with those in the end credits sequences of Bollywood films. This in turn leads to an exploration of how such sequences manifest a "feminine quality" and how this quality interacts with the more masculine-oriented spy film narrative. In the process, this study addresses questions of female agency and representation in such contemporary spy thrillers, as well as how the Bollywood film creates multiple avenues through which female spies may exercise and demonstrate their skill sets.

  • Year: 2022
  • Volume: 5 Issue: 1
  • DOI: 10.24877/jbs.76
  • Published on 1 May 2022
  • Peer Reviewed